Manado Dive Resorts

  • Manado Dive Resorts

    Explore the waters around Manado, one of the world most applaud dive destinations, with the dive resorts along the waterfront facing Bunaken and Manado Tua. Traveling time between the resorts and the airport ranges from 20 minutes to an hour, divers can be minutes away from one of the world best muck diving after reaching Manado International Airport.

    Most resorts in Manado provides divers with wireless internet, underwater photography centers and nitrox diving. They also provide diving excursions to further dive spots including Lembeh and Bangka Straits. For specialty diving and excursions to further dive destinations, guests are recommended to book early to secure the availability.

  • Cocotinos Manado Resort

    Cocotinos Manado Resort

    Cocotinos Manado, a boutique beach resort, located 25 minutes away from Manado International Airport. The resort is the most convenient access point to the Bunaken National Marine Park. Once you reach Manado, you are less than an hour away from diving in Bunaken Marine Park with Cocotinos!

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  • Tasik Ria Resort

    Tasik Ria Resort

    Tasik Ria Resort offers divers the superb experience with their comprehensive diving facilities including their newly renovated diving boats. Serene palm-tree environment, exquisitely furnished sea/pool view rooms, well-equipped dive center, luxurious spa treatment, and wide range of European and Indonesian delicacies, visitors shall not expect anything less from Tasik Ria.

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  • La Rascasse Dive Resort

    La Rascasse Dive Resort

    La Rascasse Resort is one of the dive resorts located along the waterfront facing Bunaken Marine Park and Manado Tua Island. The resort has one of the best sunset views and is in close proximity to many dive spots in Manado.

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