Manado Dive Sites

  • Manado Dive Sites

    With more than 70% of all fish species that exist in Indo-Western Pacific, adored by underwater photgraphers, marine biologists and recreational divers, Manado is a dive destination not be missed.

    Every dive is a unique experience for divers at Manado!

  • 1. Bunaken: Alung Banua

    Alung Banua is one of the greatest dive sites in Bunaken Island. It highlights a very good place for novice divers where they will learn how to dive.

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  • 2. Bunaken: Depan Kampung

    Depan Kampung literally means “in front of the village” and is situated in the southern east part of Bunaken Island. It highlights a variety in underwater Buraken diving topography.

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  • 3. Bunaken: Fukui

    At this spot, there is a sloping reef made up by a vast variety of corals and often frequent by large schools of trevallies, mackerels and batfish. Butterflyfish and damselfish are also commonly seen here. The fish here are generally less timid and divers can get pretty close to the marine life.

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  • 4. Bunaken: Lekuan I, II, III

    These three spots are located at the southeastern side of Pulau Bunaken and they are mostly for wall dives. The average depth for the dives here is about 20m and maximum depth goes up to 40m. Visibility range averages at 30m.

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  • 5. Bunaken: Mandolin

    Mandolin is located at the strait between Bunaken and Manado Tua, and the currents at this site can be strong bringing in big pelagics and schooling species. Large quantities of trevallies, big barracuda, snappers, unicornfish, triggerfish and surgeonfish are common.

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  • 6. Bunaken: Sachiko’s Point

    Around Pulau Bunaken, there are about 16 dive spots and Sachiko’s Point is one of the places that is filled with large variety of corals and sponges. It is named after a Japanese tour operator who decided that this site was her favourite diving spot.

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  • 7. Bunaken: Tanjung Parigi

    Tanjung Parigi is another must-see spot in the beautiful island of Bunaken. It is located in the north eastern part of the island. It has a snaky wall standing upright with exposed reef top. The wall is slightly destructed but still looks good.

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  • 8. Bunaken: Timur

    This is definitely the best dive spot around Pulau Bunaken, some may even argue that it is the best dive spot in Indonesia. Divers get to see such a large variety of fish within the first 5m that even diving at depth will not give them such an opportunity.

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  • 9. Manado Tua

    Manado Tua is actually a dormant volcano jutting up just west of the Bunaken and it has about 4 dive spots around it. The reef here is marked by numerous cavelets, overhangs, valleys and bays.

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  • 10. Montehage: Bango Point

    Around Pulau Montehage, there are about 6 dive spots and amongst them, Bango Point has the largest variety of corals and fish species. Corals include cabbage, boulder and Acropora, and fish include wrasse, parrotfish, snappers and angelfish.

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  • 11. Montehage: Barracuda Point

    Besides the Bango Point, another worthy spot to visit at Montehage is Barracuda Point. As the name says, huge shoals of barracudas are the main attraction here.

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  • 12. Nain Island

    Nain Island is the northernmost island in the Bunaken National Marine Park and has about 3 dive spots near it. This site is strictly for experienced/technical divers only. The interesting part begins only below the 40m level and caves are located beyond 60m depth.

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  • 13. Pulau Siladen

    Pulau Siladen is one of the 5 main islands in Bunaken National Marine Park. It is the smallest island among the five and located nearest to Manado, about 30 minutes of boat ride.

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  • 14. Raymond’s Point

    This dive site is where you most likely will land up in the event strong current takes you south via Mike’s Point. You should not be annoyed nonetheless, seeing that Raymond’s Point is known as an exquisite wall that has good soft and hard coral reefs.

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