Montehage: Barracuda Point

  • Montehage: Barracuda Point

    Location: Off the northwest point of Pulau Montehage.
    Access: 80 min by dive boat from most dive resorts.
    Conditions: Unpredictable strong currents.
    Average depth: 20m
    Maximum depth: 35m

    Besides the Bango Point, another worthy spot to visit at Montehage is Barracuda Point. As the name says, huge shoals of barracudas are the main attraction here. However, the movement of the barracudas has been uncertain over the recent years and they may appear in other sites of the island.

    The large sand slope is also a favourite spot for dogtooth tuna and eagle rays. Currents here are unpredictable. It is recommended only for the experienced diver.