Bunaken: Alung Banua

  • Alung Banua

    Alung Banua is one of the greatest dive sites in Bunaken Island. It highlights a very good place for novice divers where they will learn how to dive. The diving depth varies from 18 to 25 meters and the visibility ranges from 15 to 25 meters. The currents are commonly mild, giving an easy and enjoyable diving experience for divers.

    Here you will get the chance to view the astonishing caves with catchy scenery. Opposite the Alung Banua is a vertical wall with many cracks and crevices that is really loved by macro photographers. The marine life here is also rich. You will see a variety of fish such as the usual camouflage fish—Leaf fish, crocodile head, ghost pipefish and frogfish. The rich hard and soft corals also hosts schools of reef fishes, shrimp gobies, scorpionfish, black snappers, nudibranches, turtles and eagle rays. Plus, you must look out for White tip reef sharks that are usually sleeping in the caves.