Bunaken: Depan Kampung

  • Depan Kampung

    Depan Kampung literally means “in front of the village” and is situated in the southern east part of Bunaken Island. It highlights a variety in underwater Buraken diving topography. The depth varies from 5 to 40 meters and the visibility ranges from 20 to 20 m. The current are usually mild and calm but can be strong during tough weather conditions. The dive here is rated for novice and advanced divers.

    The site is rich in many beautiful aquatic animals. The marine life includes large groups of pyramid butterfly fish, juvenile redtooth triggerfish, black damsels, neon and dash fusiliers, huge black and white banded se snakes, blue gilded angelfish, leaf scorpionfish, nudibranches, Picasso tobbies, razorfish, yellow margin triggerfish, gilded trigger fish and the white tip reef sharks that are sometimes hovering around.

    The dive here is best experienced all year round but can be rough during the months of January to March.