Manado Tua

  • Manado Tua

    Location: Off the south and southwest coast of Manado Tua.
    Access: 45 min by dive boat from most dive resorts.
    Conditions: Current may affect dive plans but not so strong to cause problems.
    Average depth: 20m
    Maximum depth: 35m

    Manado Tua is actually a dormant volcano jutting up just west of the Bunaken and it has about 4 dive spots around it. The reef here is marked by numerous cavelets, overhangs, valleys and bays. The shallow part of the water is not so interesting, divers may have to go beyond 15m to spot for big fish including Giant Grouper, Napoleon Wrasse and schools of large barracudas. Groups of surgeonfish, snappers, groupers, damselfish and butterfish can also be found here.