Bunaken: Mandolin

  • Bunaken: Mandolin

    Location: Few hundred metres off the southwest coast of Bunaken. On a reef point extending south from the island’s western end.
    Access: 35 minutes by dive boat from most dive resorts.
    Conditions: Strong current at times.
    Average depth: 20m
    Maximum depth: 40m

    Mandolin is located at the strait between Bunaken and Manado Tua, and the currents at this site can be strong bringing in big pelagics and schooling species. Large quantities of trevallies, big barracuda, snappers, unicornfish, triggerfish and surgeonfish are common. The average depth for the dives here is about 20m and maximum depth goes up to 40m. Visibility range averages at 20m.

    A big variety of butterfish and angelfish are abundant here. Rarely, big Whitetip Reef Sharks, banded seasnakes, smaller tuna, moray eels and turtles can be seen.