Nain Island

  • Nain Island

    Location: Off the northeastern coast of Montehage. Northen most island from Bunaken.
    Access: 100 min by dive boat from most dive resorts.
    Conditions: Very strong current
    Average depth: 30m
    Maximum depth: 80m

    Nain Island is the northernmost island in the Bunaken National Marine Park and has about 3 dive spots near it. This site is strictly for experienced/technical divers only. The interesting part begins only below the 40m level and caves are located beyond 60m depth. Furthermore, these dive sites are far from help in mainland. Dive guides from the resorts are often reluctant to bring divers to this site because of the dangers involved.

    Having said that, the risk is often rewarded by rare sights of hammerhead sharks, huge tuna, dolphins and pilot whales.