Raymond’s Point

  • Raymond’s Point

    This dive site is where you most likely will land up in the event strong current takes you south via Mike’s Point. You should not be annoyed nonetheless, seeing that Raymond’s Point is known as an exquisite wall that has good soft and hard coral reefs. A great deal of whiptail corals as well as the fish life is abundant, which includes large pelagic types of fishes. At one point, you will discover a huge and inclined sand area where a number of stingrays love to lay. Fantastic spot and also the direction of the wind frequently cause every diver to attempt to dive in this dive spot.

    The affluent habitat of the beautiful sponge-covered wall has its unique panache. This dive site also comes with a huge cavern that has lobsters to feature. Spotted eagle rays as well as emperor angelfish cause this dive site considerably more appealing.

    Average Depth: 20 meters
    Maximum Depth: 30 meters
    Visibility: 30 meters
    Current: Can be strong
    Best time to dive: All year round
    How to get there: By boat