Bunaken: Sachiko’s Point

  • Bunaken: Sachiko’s Point

    Location: On Bunaken’s north shore.
    Access: 45 minutes by dive boat from most dive resorts.
    Conditions: Can have some major currents, but is usually dived at slack tide when conditions are calm and peaceful.
    Average depth: 20m
    Maximum depth: 50m

    Around Pulau Bunaken, there are about 16 dive spots and Sachiko’s Point is one of the places that is filled with large variety of corals and sponges. It is named after a Japanese tour operator who decided that this site was her favourite diving spot. The average depth for the dives here is about 20m and maximum depth goes up to 50m. Visibility range averages at 25m.

    Besides corals and sponges, there are lots of triggerfish and unicornfish, trumpetfish, groupers, large snappers, sweetlips and angelfish often sighted here.