Bunaken: Timur

  • Bunaken: Timur

    Location: On the east side of Bunaken.
    Access: 40 minutes by dive boat from most dive resorts.
    Conditions: Slight possibility of challenging current.
    Average depth: 20m
    Maximum depth: 40m

    This is definitely the best dive spot around Pulau Bunaken, some may even argue that it is the best dive spot in Indonesia. Divers get to see such a large variety of fish within the first 5m that even diving at depth will not give them such an opportunity. The average depth for the dives here is about 20m and maximum depth goes up to 40m. Visibility range averages at 25m.

    Great and Barred Barracuda, Maori and Napoleon Wrasse, Bumphead Parrotfish, Snubnose Drummer, Bigeye and Golden Trevally, Eagle and Devil Rays, Blue-spotted Stingrays, seabass, sharks, batfish, you name it. If there is only one dive you can do in North Sulawesi, this has to be the spot.